Sundays With The Christianists: American History Textbooks That Leave Reality To Other People

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Our 8th-grade text from the alternative-reality mavens at Pensacola Christian College, America: Land I Love (A Beka 2006), patiently explains that Bill Clinton continued an already-disturbing “trend toward international cooperation and dependence,” as evinced in the 1993 NAFTA treaty. Now watch this seamless transition from mild fretting to full-blown freakout:

The obligations that NAFTA placed on the United States concerned many Americans, but perhaps even more alarming were the efforts of the Clinton Administration to coordinate American foreign policy with the United Nations. Throughout the 1990s, U.S. troops found themselves in places like Somalia, Haiti, and Bosnia, enforcing UN mandates and often serving under UN command.

Horrors! Somehow, coordinating American foreign policy with the UN was sinister when Clinton did it, although under George H.W. Bush, it was apparently OK that the U.S. sought UN support for Desert Storm — Land I Love had no similar qualms in that instance, and proudly noted the international opposition to Saddam Hussein.

We also learn that Bill Clinton’s Middle East policy was actually dictated by the UN, which someone should probably tell him about:

The United Nations believed it could bring peace to the Middle East. Pressured by the UN and President Clinton, Israel gave the Palestinian Liberation Organization (PLO) control over the Gaza Strip, the West Bank, and Jericho in 1994. Unfortunately the violence continued between Israel and the PLO, in spite of ongoing negotiations under the sponsorship of U.S. Secretary of State Warren Christopher.

Yes, this is a textbook in which Israel acts not out of its own interests, but in response to the irresistible “pressure” of the UN and Bill Clinton.

Similarly, America’s policy toward China seems to have been directed by the UN, with Bill Clinton as the middleman:

Meanwhile, the United Nations insisted on good relations with Communist China, despite human rights violations. Foreign policy experts predicted that China would become one of the greatest world powers in the 21st century. Thus, President Clinton continued to grant China Most Favored Nation trading status, claiming that America needed to trade with the Chinese in order to remain a world economic power.

That silly Bill Clinton! Why didn’t he recognize that the real economic superpower and only legitimate government of China was the brave anticommunist resistance in Taiwan! If only he’d ignored those so-called experts, we could have kept the ChiComs at bay. And maybe recaptured Qemoy and Matsu. Just to drag in one more rightwing fantasy, Land I Love also chides Clinton for reestablishing

diplomatic and economic relations with communist Vietnam, even though the Vietnamese government refused to adequately account for American prisoners of war and those missing in action.

Yes, a textbook published in 2006 (though largely unrevised since 1994) still hints that Rambo was a documentary and that Vietnam was probably holding American POWs in secret camps...

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