‘Clinton Inc.’ Author Dishes on Monica Lewinsky and the Blue Dress

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The author of a new book on the Clintons reveals how Lewinsky was offered commercials storylined around the scandal—and how much flattery Barbara Walters indulged in to get her story.

Hillary Clinton is scooping up millions in speaking fees while positioning herself for a White House run. Her husband Bill, the 42nd president of the United States, is a revered elder statesman and international do-gooder (while also scooping up millions in speaking fees).        

And Monica Lewinsky, now 41, is once again the object of prurient curiosity. She’s the star of the so-called “Monica Files,” a collection of previously unpublished documents that include a fulsomely flattering letter from ABC News doyenne Barbara Walters, eager to grill the former White House intern on her television network, and some crassly humorous scripts for TV commercials advertising a coffee creamer. 

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