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The First Iraq War Was Also Sold to the Public Based on a Pack of Lies

by Joshua Holland

We were given a variation of the “domino theory.”

The American way of war: It may surprise you

by Joseph J. Ellis

"We must resist our dreams of managing history." — Reinhold Niebuhr

The Debacle of the Caliphates: Why al-Baghdadi’s Grandiosity doesn’t Matter

by Juan Cole

The end of the caliphate did not matter to most Muslims.

The Culture War’s Sore Winners

by Ross Douthat

"Such a liberalism would take ownership of its own ascendance and take more responsibility for (and pride in!) its own aggressions, rather than perpetually crying 'theocracy' whenever its advance is interrupted."

Netanyahu's Steady Hand

by Daniel Pipes

"I have often criticized Netanyahu but the excellent analysis in this speech suggests a steady hand at the helm."

Whose Security?

by Noam Chomsky

How Washington Protects Itself and the Corporate Sector.

Don’t Mess with Messiahs

by Victor Davis Hanson

Whenever things go wrong, it’s the fault of those obstructionists in Congress.

Free speech: another weapon in the war against abortion in the US

by Ruth Rosen

In a dramatic turn of events last week, the US Supreme Court overturned a 2007 law that separated and protected women who sought abortions and health care from the zealots who intimated and threatened them.

Iraq Must Not Come Apart

by Leslie H. Gelb

Such a rupture would ignite terrible slaughter inside the country and unsettle the Middle East as a whole.

The long, hard slog out of military occupation

by Alan McPherson

Much like George W. Bush and his administration did in the Middle East, privately Wilson and his aides shared a vision of a Caribbean area remade in their own image.

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