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Dear GOP: The US has negotiated with Terrorists and Amnestied Them all through History

by Juan Cole

If you negotiate the release of US captives with the enemy you are “negotiating with terrorists.” If you don’t, then you have left soldiers behind on the battlefield.

Can studying the Black Death help us figure out what’s gone wrong in Third World countries?

by Peter Temin

The Black Death led to an improvement in agricultural technology, changed the status of women, and increased wages.

Four myths about the Great War of 1914-1918

by Mark Harrison

The Great War offers lessons for today, but many so-called lessons are misunderstood.

What You're Missing If You're Not Watching Cosmos

by HNN

Neil deGrasse Tyson shows that scientists first issued an alarm about climate change in the late19th century.

Historian Anthony Beevor on the successes and failures of D-Day (Interview)

by Emma McFarnon

Antony Beevor’s book is the first major history of the battle for Normandy in 20 years.

Scalia v. Scalia

by Dahlia Lithwick

Does his faith influence his judicial decision making?

The richest Americans in history

by Steve Hargreaves

Silicon Valley may be minting billionaires today, but tech wealth doesn't touch the riches of the robber barons.

The Art Hitler Hated

by Michael Kimmelman

A good deal of it what the Nazis called Entartete Kunst, or degenerate art.

The Ghosts of Tiananmen Square

by Ian Johnson

Is it an act frozen in time, awaiting its true recognition and denouement in some vague future?

D-Day 70 Years Later

by Jeanne Bishop

“I am buoyed up and ready to give everything I have to my country in this capacity.”

"I Think It's Already Been Forgotten"

by Christopher Beam

How China's millennials talk about Tiananmen Square.

What A Disappointment — Khan History Videos Continue To Be Awful

by Larry Ferlazzo

"My God, with the all money they have you’d think they could create some engaging multimedia presentations!"

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