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The Nixon Library Needs a New Director, Now
by Jon Wiener

The library has been without a director for two and a half years, ever since the departure of Timothy Naftali in 2011.

HNN: Teaching About 9-11

What historians have to say about 9-11.

Recall That Ice Cream Truck Song? We Have Unpleasant News For You
by Theodore R. Johnson, III

This story may well sour any pleasant childhood memories of chasing after ice cream trucks in the summer.

Mein Kampf: The Sequel
by Gerhard L. Weinberg

Hitler's second book wasn't suppressed, only mislaid.

Everybody’s trying to use WW 2 history to their advantage these days
by Eri Hotta

“The Germans... don’t like China constantly comparing them with Japan and going on about the war.”

What a Century! Observing the Centenary of the First World War
by Michael S. Neiberg

In the United States, the war remains the least-understood and most-ignored major event in our history.

The Hebrew Republic
by Peter J. Leithart

During the Revolution, writers and preachers turned to the historical books of the Hebrew Bible to fill out ancient Roman analyses of political corruption.

Is there anything wrong with a little pork barrel spending?
by Julian Zelizer

"I have been a fan of earmarks since I got here the first day."

Historian blasts Teach for America
by Mark D Naison

Teach for America is hiring temps.

401(k)s are retirement robbery: How the Koch brothers, Wall Street and politicians conspire to drain Social Security
by James W. Russell

The decades-long tale of how the Kochs, Reagan, Wall Street and even Democrats have tried to gut Social Security.

The Strangest Wars in History

The shortest war? The longest war?

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