Women's History Museum drawing the fire of conservatives

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A sample of opinion from the blogosphere:

Daily Campello Art News

First and foremost, mostly progressive, liberal women are allowed to be honored and included in the museum, regardless of any “firsts” or historical contributions that any overtly Republican or Conservative woman has ever made to American history. We’re not sure of Betsy Ross’ political leanings or most of those Revolutionary War women, so they’re OK, as long as the DAR is not too enthused about any particular one of them.

Allison Howard of Concerned Women for America

"Their website really shows their hand by glorifying people like Margaret Sanger, founder of Planned Parenthood, but not really mentioning her racist, eugenics views – which are highly documented and surely a part of her history," Howard points out. "They've talked about people like [feminist leader] Bella Abzug, but left out amazing women like [Reagan-era ambassador] Jeanne Kirkpatrick." 


A controversial effort to build a museum to honor women's history in America is being headed by women with political ties to abortion causes and groups.... As reported by Daniel Horowitz at the Madison Project and Red State, several of the members of the NWHM board of directors have donated time and money to pro-abortion groups and causes. The board's interim chairperson, Carey Shuart, has donated over $18,000 to the pro-abortion Emily's List since 2000. The secretary of the board, Ann Stone, isfounder and chairman of "Republicans for Choice."

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