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What Really Killed William Henry Harrison?

A new look at the evidence through the lens of modern epidemiology makes it far more likely that the real killer lurked elsewhere — in a fetid marsh not far from the White House.


The World Is Much Safer Than 20th-Century Historians Would Have You Believe
by Ali Wyne

We should heed historians' warnings, but we should also appreciate the progress that global security has made in the intervening century.

New Republic

The Walter Benjamin Brigade
by Walter Laqueur

How an obscure and maddeningly opaque German Jewish intellectual became a thriving academic industry.

Mosaic Magazine

Why science is better than history
by Tom Chivers

You're probably going to get through about 1,000 books in your 4,000 weeks on earth--and you want to read history?


Auden's secret revealed
by Edward Mendelson

"I learned about it mostly by chance."

NY Review of Books

Where David Brion Davis fits in the historiography of slavery
by Drew Gilpin Faust

Since the middle of the twentieth century, our understanding of the American past has been revolutionized, in no small part because of our altered conceptions of the place of race in the nation’s history.

NY Review of Books

Japan's shocking embrace of textbook "reforms"
by Koide Reiko

Abe Shinzo's long campaign against textbooks that tell the truth about Japan's history.

Japan Focus

These are the 6 books about the Middle East everybody should read
by Martin Kramer

Events have propelled a few books into the limelight, and these six, for better or worse, had an impact, influenced perceptions, and may have changed history.


Paul Ryan Debate Needs Context, Not Self-Help Bromides
by Peniel E. Joseph

Our ongoing dialogue about race in America—most recently sparked by Rep. Paul Ryan’s comments—requires us to better understand African-American history.

The Root

US History Books that Won in Vietnam
by Wonkette

With typical clarity of purpose, our 8th-grade textbook, America: Land I Love, explains exactly why America had to fight in Vietnam.

Wonkette Blog

The Nativist Origins of Philippines Independence
by Rick Baldoz

This week marks the 80th anniversary of the passage of the Tydings-McDuffie Act, which established conditions for the United States to grant the Philippines its independence after nearly five decades of American rule.


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