American Historical Association

  • OAH, AHA File Joint SCOTUS Brief in Case Affecting Indigenous Adoption and Family Rights

    "If the court strikes down the ICWA in whole or in part, the decision could have devastating impacts on Native American families and, potentially, on federal Indian law writ large. Resuming the practice of Native child removal would cause active harm to Native families as well as jeopardize the future sovereignty of tribal governments.

  • The AHA Announces 2022 Prize Winners

    Congratulations to this years honorees for publication, teaching, mentoring and service to the profession. 

  • National History Center to Merge with AHA

    by James Grossman

    By merging the National History Center with the AHA, both organizations hope to alleviate the burdens of cost and time associated with running separate organizations and enable the Center to diffuse historical knowledge through scholarship, writing and teaching. 

  • Historicizing the Legitimacy of LGBTQ History

    by Marc Stein

    The AHA's newsletters reveal a protracted and frequently bitter debate about the boundaries of the discipline as scholars in the early 1970s worked to establish gay and lesbian people and communities as subjects of study. 

  • Two Cheers for Presentism

    by David A. Bell

    Now that the dust has settled over the AHA President's controversial essay, it's time to consider more carefully how the present informs the work of historians, and how to do "presentism" right. 

  • AHA Statement on Bomb Threats to HBCUs

    "The AHA condemns this latest in a centuries-old series of assaults on Black Americans and on the educational institutions that are integral to a diverse, free, informed, and open society."

  • AHA, OAH File SCOTUS Amicus Brief in Mississippi Abortion Ban Case

    This brief, based on decades of study and research by professional historians, aims to provide an accurate historical perspective as the Court considers the state of Mississippi’s challenge to a woman’s right to abortion, a right that was affirmed by the Court in Roe v. Wade.

  • AHA Announces 2021 Prize Winners

    HNN congratulates the winners of the AHA's awards for publication, teaching, and service to the profession. 

  • AHA and OAH Join Coalition to Protect Integrity of History Education

    by James Grossman and Beth English

    "Ongoing partisan agitation around this issue will continue, provoked and sustained by a shrewdly organized and amply funded crusade that seeks to replace evidence-based history instruction with a whitewashed version of patriotism."

  • CRT Debate "Abstract and Uninformed," Says AHA President

    by Jacqueline Jones

    "CRT does not explain all of American history; rather, it provides insights into why achieving the ideals enshrined in the Founders’ declaration that “all men are created equal” has been so elusive over the centuries."

  • Townhouse Notes: The Shoulder We Cry On

    by Ashley E. Bowen

    In times of crisis, historians are tempted to enter into a forward-looking task of placing current grief in a narrative of progress. They cannot forget that their primary role is to make us uncomfortable with what we think we know about the past. 

  • Racist Histories and the AHA

    by Sarah Jones Weicksel and James Grossman

    "By undertaking this project, the AHA seeks to understand and document the complexity of its role in the evolution and persistence of American racism in order for the organization, and for historians, to use our knowledge and professional resources to chart pathways to a more just and equitable future."

  • Trump's Latest Executive Order is a Head Scratcher to Historians

    by Jim Grossman

    "There is no shortage of contentious publications and conversations among professional historians about concepts like critical race theory or arguments like those advanced in the 1619 Project. But neither constitutes “child abuse,” which is a serious crime."