Donald Trump

  • The Long History Behind Donald Trump’s Outreach To LGBTQ Voters

    by Neil J. Young

    Gay Republicans emerged as a political force in response to both radical leadership in the gay liberation movement and the rise of evangelicals as a force in the Republican party. Today they may have to decide which fight is more important. 

  • Trump’s Doubts about the Military have Deep Roots in Both Parties

    by Michael Kazin

    Recent media discussions of Trump's remarks about war veterans and indifference to visiting a World War I memorial should prompt deeper thought about the antiwar movements of the right and left that the Great War created. Opposition to war can be rooted in very different values and advance different ends.

  • Republicans’ Problems with Young Voters Go Far Deeper than Trump

    by David Faris

    The idea that young voters lean left and shift to the right as they age is political folk wisdom, but has no basis in reality. The Republican Party risks its survival by counting on young voters to get more conservative. 

  • Think The Trump Tapes Are Worse Than The Nixon Tapes? Think Again.

    by Leonard Steinhorn

    Recordings of the President reveal not only racial bigotry but a cynical indifference to the rule of law and a belief that any means were justified to prevail over political adversaries. No, we're talking about Richard Nixon. 

  • The Winter of Our Discontent

    Feeling anxious about the months before the election? Don't worry, the months after will be much worse!

  • Fourth World: From the End of History to American Carnage

    by Tom Engelhardt

    A critic of American empire examines the unforeseen path from the triumphal "end of history" moment of the collapse of the Soviet Union to the rise of Donald Trump. How did the nation squander the opportunity? 

  • Fascism Scholar Says U.S. Is 'Losing Its Democratic Status'

    Political theorist Jason Stanley discusses where the United States today fits into his definitions of fascism. Trump's claims to personally protect Americans from humiliation, the rise of conspiratorial thinking, and the fragility of democratic processes are not encouraging signs.

  • ‘Weimar America’? The Trump Show Is No Cabaret

    by Niall Ferguson

    Popular culture and lazy historical comparisons have elevated Weimar Germany as an analogue for contemporary America. Ferguson suggests reasons to dial back the comparisons; while current events are troubling, US democracy is more stable and stronger than the Weimar Republic.