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Confederate Monuments

  • Originally published 07/03/2017

    Confederate street names stir debate in ... New York City?

    Two of the Confederate Army’s best-known leaders have streets named for them in a place not normally associated with the Southern side of the Civil War – New York City. Now some elected officials are trying to undo it.

  • Originally published 05/13/2017

    Now a Jefferson Davis Statue in New Orleans Is Removed

    Crews, wearing masks to cover their faces, worked under a heavy police presence starting at 3 a.m. Thursday to dismantle the statue, which was erected in 1911, nearly 50 years after the end of the war, and commissioned by the Jefferson Davis Memorial Association.

  • Originally published 04/27/2017

    South Carolina Republican: scrap slave memorial if Confederate monument goes

    Sheri Few, who is running for South Carolina’s fifth congressional district, has said the removal of a Confederate monument in the state should be matched by the removal of a memorial to African American slaves. And if elected, she said she would focus on “fighting the destruction of every bit of Confederate memorabilia in our country.”

  • Originally published 10/17/2016

    Roger B. Taney Was as Bad as You Think

    Jeremy J. Tewell

    He may never have joined the Confederacy, but he wholeheartedly embraced slavery, despite what the New York Times says.