• What Will Nobel Recognition Mean for Ancient Human DNA Studies?

    by Mary Prendergast

    An archaeologist sees the recogntion of paleogenomics as a vital tool to reinvigorate the field's access to knowledge about early humans, but warns that the science needs to be accompanied by ethical self-reflection to respect the remains of indigenous people and avoid giving credence to pseudoscientific racism. 

  • Large DNA Study Traces Violent History of American Slavery

    Historian Alondra Nelson praised the application of genetics to narrating the history of the slave trade, but cautioned that historians should be an integral part of any project making claims about human ancestry.

  • Humans Hard-Wired to Teach, Anthropologist Says

    An anthropologist from Washington State University says that, based on his research into modern hunter-gatherer societies, the desire to teach is hard-wired into humanity’s genetic code.