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  • Originally published 01/12/2015

    Republican History Lessons

    Scot Faulkner

    How should Republicans govern in the 114th Congress to assure their positive place in history?

  • Originally published 09/26/2017

    The Health of the Senate

    Steve Hochstadt

    Republican politicians are worried about money they could raise for the 2018 elections, not about depriving millions of their health care. Their donors want to slash Medicaid, so that’s what they’ll vote for. Republican senators apparently don’t even know in detail what their bill contains.

  • Originally published 07/18/2017

    The Republican Way of Governing

    Steve Hochstadt

    When Senator Joe McCarthy tried to use hysterical fears of communism to attack all liberals, he was following a playbook used by both Democrats and Republicans. When Richard Nixon tried to corrupt our governmental structures to elect and then protect himself, I didn’t think his dishonesty was especially Republican. But the current “anything we can get away with” method of governing appears to have become standard Republican practice.

  • Originally published 07/11/2017

    Why Americans Voted For Trump

    Steve Hochstadt

    Too many Trump supporters take their beliefs in what is right as license to be hateful toward people who are not like them. Combine that with nostalgia for a time when blacks had to defer to whites, men could grope women, and gays stayed in the closet, and you have a Republican Party which cuts health insurance for millions of Americans, which keeps foreign students from returning to their American universities, which cuts federal programs for Americans in need.

  • Originally published 02/16/2016

    The Republican Assault on Higher Education

    Steve Hochstadt

    Republican politicians are angry about public higher education in America. The ideas they and their conservative supporters cherish are repeatedly demonstrated by academic experts to be false.

  • Originally published 09/22/2015

    What Do Republican Voters Want?

    Steve Hochstadt

    Republican voters want a confrontational outsider. Not necessarily a belligerent lover of personal confrontations like Trump. Carly Fiorina and Ben Carson act more decorously, but their policies are belligerent.