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  • Originally published 02/22/2016

    The Black Panther Who Fell for Reagan

    Gil Troy

    Eldridge Cleaver was about as hardcore a Black Panther as there was—until he traveled the world and realized the U.S. was flawed but better than the rest. So he endorsed Reagan.

  • Originally published 01/25/2016

    Reagan as History

    Kiron K. Skinner

    Can any one biography do justice to the life and accomplishments of America’s fortieth President?

  • Originally published 09/16/2015

    Donald Trump Is Reagan’s Heir

    Matthew Pressman

    The real-estate mogul is deploying similar tactics, but can he convince America to take a chance on him like the nation once did with Reagan?

  • Originally published 09/04/2015

    Ronald Reagan, Heretic

    Timothy Egan

    There’s a gaping disconnect among Republicans in 2015 between their worship of the 40th president and the reality of his long public career.

  • Originally published 08/23/2015

    Carter, Reagan, and Machiavelli

    Paul Krugman

    Rex Nutting has a very nice article about the reality of Jimmy Carter’s presidency, which has been distorted out of recognition by the myth of Saint Reagan.

  • Originally published 08/11/2015

    Roots of Reaganolatry

    Paul Krugman

    Right-wing Reagan-worship requires a heavy dose of historical ignorance.

  • Originally published 05/13/2015

    What Reagan Learned from FDR

    H. W. Brands

    Roosevelt showed what a president can achieve by tapping the power of the American people, and Reagan was nothing if not an apt pupil.

  • Originally published 02/20/2015

    What Putin Learned From Reagan

    Stephen M. Walt

    Russia’s power play for Ukraine takes a page out of the Gipper’s playbook. We should have seen it coming.

  • Originally published 10/30/2014

    The Reagan Reflex

    Jeff Shesol

    Reagan’s appeal seems only to intensify with time.

  • Originally published 08/03/2014

    Rick Perlstein's new book on Nixon and Reagan wins praise in double NYT reviews

    HNN Staff

    "It says much about Perlstein’s gifts as a historian that he persuasively portrays this sulky, slender interlude between the fall of Nixon and the rise of Reagan (as his subtitle has it) not just as a true bottom of our history but also as a Rosetta stone for reading America and its politics today."

  • Originally published 05/07/2014

    Ronald Reagan's Benghazi

    Jane Mayer

    Congress actually undertook a useful investigation and made helpful recommendations.