teaching history

  • Use What You Know: Online Teaching Tools

    by Kevin Gannon

    Many historians have already been doing this kind of teaching online, so there might not be the need for you to re-discover fire.

  • History Holds Steady

    Field's faculty jobs outlook was constant last year after years of disappearing positions.

  • Digital technology offers new ways to teach lessons from the Holocaust

    by Jennifer Rich

    New advances in learning about the Holocaust through digital humanities offer new ways for American students and teachers – or anyone who cares to learn more about the Holocaust - to learn about an event that took place nearly three-quarters of a century ago.

  • Why Study History?

    by Elizabeth A. Lehfeldt

    To answer that question, Elizabeth A. Lehfeldt tells a pedagogical story in two parts.

  • Sam Wineburg's got some advice for teachers

    by Elizabeth Elliott

    The Stanford professor says historians need to ditch traditional textbooks and teach students how to determine what's true and what's fiction on their phones.