teaching history

  • Teaching: More Pandemic-Driven Innovations Professors Like

    "The themes running through all of these innovations are flexibility and engagement: The more ways in which people can participate in the classroom, contribute to discussions, and share their ideas, readers found, the more learning improves."

  • Why Republican Efforts to Ban the 1619 Project from Classrooms are so Misguided

    by Seth Rockman

    "Ultimately the deep concern about the 1619 Project’s truth-telling concerning the American past is not that it puts patriotism at risk, but rather that it jeopardizes particular versions of the American future," including a recent Heritage Foundation report that is mostly concerned that the 1619 project will lessen the appeal of libertarian capitalism. 

  • Teaching Controversial History: Four Moves

    by Jonathan Wilson

    A reflection on the work of teaching controversial subjects argues that it's essential to respect students' autonomy and provide them with the tools with which to change their own minds. 

  • An Honest History of Texas Begins and Ends With White Supremacy

    by Casey Michel

    Amanda Vickery of the University of North Texas says that recent proposals in the Texas legislature for a curriculum of Texas patriotism won't acknowledge the way that slavery and white supremacy were central to the Republic of Texas. 

  • On the Mythologizing of United States History

    by Matthew Teutsch

    "I am a native Louisianian, and I am white. I never learned about the racial violence and voter suppression that occurred during and after Reconstruction, nor did I learn about the massacres that continue to influence the present." 

  • The Big Ideas History Syllabus

    by Andrew Joseph Pegoda

    Good teachers consider their method, communication, and sources carefully. What about our subject, as teachers of history? How do we communicate what history is as a "big idea"? 

  • Tulsa Public Schools To Launch New Curriculum For Teaching The 1921 Race Massacre

    Board member Pastor Jennettie Marshall expressed enthusiasm about the new lesson plans: "Over these 100 years, for African Americans -- and I can only speak for African Americans -- we have lived in this city, and we have walked around feeling that our pain and our history and, as individuals, we were invisible."

  • Former Procter and Gamble CEO: America and the World Need History Majors

    by John Pepper

    "Paraphrasing former Yale President and MLB Commissioner Bart Giamatti, I love history because I have come to see that without a knowledge of the past — its realities and causative relationships –— we cannot hope to construct an action agenda able to lead us to a better future."