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  • Originally published 03/29/2016

    Guam WWII survivors to sue U.S. government for reparations

    A group of advocates are working to finalize a nonprofit organization called Guam World War II Reparations Advocates Inc., which plans to sue the U.S. government in hopes that survivors finally receive compensation the group believes they deserve.

  • Originally published 02/29/2016

    Case for reparation gains international force

    “This is not about retribution and anger, it’s about atonement; it’s about the building of bridges across lines of moral justice,” said Sir Hilary Beckles, a distinguished historian from Barbados who made the case for reparations during a talk at Harvard Law School this week.

  • Originally published 07/03/2015

    America is unworthy of black forgiveness

    Mark Santow

    White frustration with the unwillingness of blacks to recognize that claim to racial innocence constitutes a search for cheap grace.

  • Originally published 07/17/2014

    The Colorblind Bind

    Richard Rothstein

    Focusing college-student recruitment on poor neighborhoods can overlook middle-class African Americans entitled to affirmative action

  • Originally published 06/09/2014

    The case against reparations

    Stu Bykofsky

    "There is no rational way to diagram who gets how much from whom to satisfy an impossible debt."

  • Originally published 05/22/2014

    The Case for Reparations

    Ta-Nehisi Coates

    Until we reckon with our compounding moral debts, America will never be whole.