public history

  • Park Rangers Bring Black History to Life in the Great Outdoors

    As Americans consider the racist views of John Muir and the legacy of exclusion from national parks spaces, the Times highlights the work of African American workers in the national parks service and the Black history they help preserve "for the benefit and enjoyment of people." 

  • Ksenia Coffman's Struggle to Root out Nazi Sympathy on Wikipedia

    A downside of Wikipedia's culture of consensus and openness means that articles on Nazism often conceal, soft-peddle, or otherwise diminish the scope of Nazi crimes, frequently relying on dubious sources, deceptive quotations, or falsification. 

  • 9/11's Memorials and the Politics of Historical Memory

    by Marita Sturken

    Major 9/11 memorials try to fix the public memory on a moment of national unity that, 20 years later, seems illusory. Other memorials point the way to using the force of memory to encourage critical reflection on nationalism.

  • Uncovering and Protecting the Black History of Nantucket

    by Tiya Miles

    "Although the Black community of New Guinea has passed into history, its mark on the landscape remains, a reminder that Nantucket was once a place of working-class ingenuity and Black daring."

  • History Was Never Subject to Democratic Control

    by Helen Lewis

    Neither the local economic elite who put up Edward Colston's statue in Bristol, England nor the activists who tore it down operated with a public mandate. What are the prospects for democratic and consensual public history? 

  • Under Columbus, Georgia: What Folklore Erases

    by Bryan Banks

    Subterranean tunnels under Columbus, Georgia have been repurposed as part of dramatic stories of crime, emancipation, and war, tales which obscure the more prosaic and violent aspects of the town's history.