• 3 Law Profs: Connecting Abortion and Voting Rights at SCOTUS

    by Leah Litman, Melissa Murray and Kate Shaw

    The Supreme Court has turned reproductive freedom over to state elected officials who are increasingly unaccountable to the public because of the Court's decisions eviscerating the Voting Rights Act. 

  • Dark Money Fuels Anti-Choice Assault in State Houses

    by Julia Peck, Evan Vorpahl & Alyssa Bowen

    Dark money groups are ready to flood state legislative, judicial and attorney general races with cash and supply their allies with model legislation to take immediate advantage of the opening created by the Dobbs decision. The state-level war over abortion rights is on. 

  • A Guide from the Past for Travelers Seeking an Abortion

    by Sarah Elvins

    "Women traveling to procure abortions is nothing new. Before the 1973 Roe ruling, state-to-state travel existed, as did highly organized transnational networks to guide women across borders."

  • What the 1960s Tell Us about the Path to Secure Reproductive Freedom

    by Felicia Kornbluh

    Those who wish to protect abortion rights and other reproductive freedoms after the Dobbs decision must consider combining any and all strategies available, from lobbying to civil disobedience and mass action. 

  • The Court's Abortion Decision is Based in White Nationalist Myth

    by Samira K. Mehta and Lauren MacIvor Thompson

    The durable image of "motherhood and apple pie" is central to the myth of white Christian nationalism and part of the ideological impulse to strip away reproductive freedom. 

  • Mary Ziegler: Right Won't Stop at Roe

    Law professor Mary Ziegler explains how the anti-abortion movement upended the GOP establishment and helped push the courts to the right. Her new book is Dollars for Life.

  • Who Will Now Bear Costs of Crisis Pregnancies?

    by Daniel K. Williams

    "Perhaps neither Roe nor Dobbs represents a fully Christian way to distribute the human costs associated with crisis pregnancies.  And therein lies a dilemma for Christians who want to preserve human life and are unhappy with the results of Roe as well as the likely results of Dobbs."

  • Are You Ready to Be Surveilled Like a Sex Worker?

    by Olivia Snow

    A moral panic over sex trafficking has justified the development of an extensive electronic infrastructure of surveillance and punishment of sex workers. These are the tools other women can expect to have used against them if they seek (or seek to learn about) abortions or associate online with others who do.

  • What to Expect after Roe, Based on Research

    by Diana Greene Foster

    The author has systematically studied the consequences to women of having an abortion or having that freedom denied. She explains what to expect when states are free to outlaw abortion: more child poverty, more maternal death, and reduced opportunities for women, with the poor getting the worst of it.