academic freedom

  • Educating the Powerful

    by Matt Reed

    In the wake of a political movement consciously designed to denigrate any expertise outside of making money, calming anxious trustees an uphill battle. But it’s necessary. Anyone with a grasp of history knows that there’s no appeasing a purity movement; one kill simply whets its appetite for the next one.

  • Right Wing Trolls Attacked Me. My Administration Buckled

    by L.D. Burnett

    "My college administrators were warned of what would come when Campus Reform came calling, and I was warned, and now I will warn you — warn you, and call you to courage."

  • Dalton State Professor Takes Heat for Tweets; College Doesn't Plan Discipline

    A Dalton State (GA) history professor regrets his word choice in a series of tweets that was publicized by an anonymous user who sought disciplinary action by the college. Seth Weitz insists that he teaches history in the classroom, which involves challenging beliefs held by many of his students. 

  • Bret Stephens launches a foolish Twitter war

    by David M. Perry

    Being called a bedbug just isn't a big deal. Writing to a provost about the actions of an academic on Twitter, which Stephens said he did because "managers should be aware" how "their people...interact in the world," is the big deal. 

  • Has Wheaton Betrayed Its Origins?

    by Don James McLaughlin

    While it’s impossible to say what Wheaton's founder would have thought of the school's latest controversy, as an abolitionist he stood up for intellectual freedom.

  • Russian Professor Fired for “Immoral Act” Offered Job by Czechs

    Zubov’s offense was writing an op-ed for the nation’s No. 1 daily newspaper, comparing the actions of Russia’s leader President Vladimir Putin, who bloodlessly annexed Ukraine’s largely Russophone Crimea, with Adolph Hitler, who bloodlessly annexed Germanophone Sudetenland.