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  • Originally published 03/30/2017

    The Year Nixon Fell Apart

    John A. Farrell

    The year was 1970, and the paranoid, stressed president starting drinking, stealing away from the White House and, eventually, going after his enemies.

  • Originally published 03/24/2017

    Borking Started Before Bork

    Justin P. Coffey

    The borking of nominees to the Supreme Court began when Nixon tried to put Clement Haynsworth on the Supreme Court.

  • Originally published 03/10/2017

    How Nixonian Is Donald Trump?

    Tim Naftali

    A little-known pre-Watergate Nixon scandal helps us understand the road the new president’s traveling.

  • Originally published 02/07/2017

    How to Tame Donald Trump

    John A. Farrell

    A lesson for the opposition, from Daniel Patrick Moynihan and Richard Nixon.

  • Originally published 01/02/2017

    Trump is more paranoid and dangerous than Nixon

    Rick Perlstein

    There are two key differences that set Trump apart from his predecessor in paranoia. First, his soul is sicker by miles than Nixon’s. And second, the surveillance apparatus he is about to inherit is far scarier than the one available to Nixon.

  • Originally published 10/31/2016

    Concern Raised Over New Name of Nixon Library Theater

    Placing Fred Malek's name on the theater that shows an introductory film about Nixon is "outrageous," Timothy Naftali, a history professor at New York University and former library director, said on Twitter last week.

  • Originally published 09/14/2016

    Did Nixon Even Read the CIA’s Daily Briefs?

    President Richard Nixon may never have even read the President’s Daily Briefs partially declassified and released by the CIA with great fanfare on August 24, 2016.

  • Originally published 08/27/2016

    CIA reveals its secret briefings to Presidents Nixon and Ford

    Tim Naftali

    For years the CIA shielded from public view every single one of the briefings that it produces daily for the president's eyes only, arguing that even letting go one 50-year old briefing could harm national security.

  • Originally published 06/23/2016

    Nixon Could Keep A Secret

    Diana Klebanow

    Nixon knew George McGovern had fathered a child out of wedlock. He never revealed it.

  • Originally published 10/26/2015

    Joan Brady: Alger Hiss 'was framed by Nixon'

    Susanna Rustin

    Novelist who knew Hiss for more than three decades has written a personal history that accuses president of fitting him up as a communist spy

  • Originally published 07/29/2015

    CNN documentary focuses on “Nixon’s Own 9/11"

    It was in 1970 and Palestinian radicals had hijacked three planes headed to the US. Out of the ordeal came the US policy never to negotiate with terrorists, a policy Nixon came up with on the spot.

  • Originally published 03/17/2015

    A final Watergate scandal uncovered by researcher

    President Richard Nixon stole 4,000 acres from the United States Marine Corps to secretly build his presidential library on a spectacular piece of prime federal real estate and created a new federal bureaucracy to cover up the scheme.

  • Originally published 01/13/2015

    Not all loyalists disapproved of Nixon library's Naftali

    The bitter conflict between Timothy Naftali, federal director of the Nixon Library & Museum from 2007 to 2011, and the private Nixon Foundation lingers over the Yorba Linda institution, and resolving that friction is a key goal for the incoming director.

  • Originally published 11/10/2014

    Nixon Library Releases Previously Classified Audio

    The segments include a reference to top-secret intelligence briefings the Nixon administration provided to China, and reveal Nixon's private musings as he wrangled with the then-Soviet Union over limiting nuclear weapons.

  • Originally published 08/11/2014

    Rick Perlstein on The Real Legacy of Richard Nixon

    Scott Porch

    Historian Rick Perlstein discusses the astonishing experience of listening to President Nixon’s every move on the Oval Office tapes and how his resignation forever changed America.

  • Originally published 08/11/2014

    Increasing Number of Americans Think Watergate Was 'Just Politics'

    Which of these two statements comes closest to your own point of view about Watergate — it was a very serious matter because it revealed corruption in the Nixon administration or it was just politics — the kind of thing that both parties engage in?

  • Originally published 08/11/2014

    The Weird Minutes Before Nixon’s Resignation

    Andrea Denhoed

    Many Americans remember the telecast during which Richard Nixon announced his resignation from the Presidency as a dark moment in the nation’s history. The comedian Harry Shearer has another word for the events of that night: “goofy.”

  • Originally published 08/09/2014

    Why Nixon Matters

    Stanley I. Kutler

    Forty years ago, on August 8, Richard M. Nixon made unprecedented constitutional history when he resigned the presidency amid the disgrace and scandal of Watergate.

  • Originally published 08/03/2014

    Rick Perlstein's new book on Nixon and Reagan wins praise in double NYT reviews

    HNN Staff

    "It says much about Perlstein’s gifts as a historian that he persuasively portrays this sulky, slender interlude between the fall of Nixon and the rise of Reagan (as his subtitle has it) not just as a true bottom of our history but also as a Rosetta stone for reading America and its politics today."

  • Originally published 07/31/2014

    The Untapped Secrets of the Nixon Tapes

    Evan Thomas

    Forty years after Watergate, it's easy to imagine we know all there is to know about Tricky Dick. Two new books show how wrong that is.

  • Originally published 07/14/2014

    Audio: Nixon’s Secret White House Tapes

    In an adaptation from their forthcoming book, Vanity Fair contributing editor Douglas Brinkley and historian Luke A. Nichter draw on 3,700 hours of President Nixon’s White House tapes to convey the inner workings of Nixon’s action-packed first term.

  • Originally published 06/26/2014

    Howard Baker has died

    Howard H. Baker, Jr., served 18 years in the U.S. Senate starting in 1966, when he became the first Republican to be popularly elected to the Senate from Tennessee.

  • Originally published 08/22/2013

    Legacy Of Nixon tapes: Skepticism, distrust endure

    WASHINGTON (AP) — It's a good thing Richard Nixon was such a klutz.The president's ineptness at all things mechanical is what prompted his aides to install a voice-activated recording system that didn't require Nixon to push an on-off button, ensuring that every word he spoke in the Oval Office and other key locations was caught on tape.With the secret taping system on autopilot — seven microphones planted in wall sconces and the president's desk — Nixon largely forgot about it, and let loose with the raw, gossipy, conniving and too-clever words that ultimately toppled his presidency and forever changed the way Americans think about their presidents and their government.The tapes — the last installment of them released Wednesday — are like the black box in an increasingly out-of-control airplane, recording right up to the crash.In the tapes, Americans began to see their presidents as "less glorious, less heroic, less romantic — either more like us, or more like people we don't like," says presidential historian Julian Zelizer of Princeton University....