political violence

  • Belfast's Troubles Echo in Today's Washington

    by Niall Stanage

    The Hill's correspondent argues that the pattern of inciting violence and denying responsibility on display in Washington on January 6 has a grim resemblance to the work of demagogue Ian Paisley during the Northern Ireland Troubles. 

  • The Long Prologue to the Capitol Hill Riot

    Historian Kathleen Belew notes the continuities in far-right and white power culture that have endured since the 1970s and were on display in the Capitol riot. 

  • Confronting "Who We Are"

    by Verena Erlenbusch-Anderson

    The Capitol riots should prompt consideration of how racism is sustained by mainstream institutions and operates through everyday patterns of thought and action, as much as in open eruptions of violence. 

  • Is American Tolerance for Political Violence on the Rise?

    by Bernard Avishai

    Things get dicier when these attitudes bleed into opinions about the legitimacy of a government led by the other side. Only forty-four per cent of Trumpists said that they’d regard a Joe Biden victory as legitimate.