• Where Americans Agree and Disagree on Teaching Race in School

    Polls show that 2/3 of Americans think schools need to change how much attention they give to race in the curriculum, but they are split, along party and racial lines, between those who want more and those who want less, making this likely to remain a political wedge issue.

  • Campus CRT Battles Recall 1920s Evolution Fight

    by Adam Laats

    Faculty and teachers who want to fight back against the Critical Race Theory panic can take the high ground by stressing the importance of quality research and teaching, if the 1920s are a guide. 

  • The Right's Political Attack on LGBTQ Americans Escalates

    Historians discuss the escalating attacks on LGBTQ Americans, which this week included calls by a congressional candidate for a new HUAC aimed at identifying gay and gay-friendly teachers and the arrest of a truck full of neonazis plotting to attack a Pride event in Idaho. 

  • How Charlie Kirk's "America First" School Chain Plan Collapsed

    An Arizona company thought it could rake in $40 million a year in revenues by operating schools promoted by the conservative agitator, but withdrew as experts warned of ideological influence and the possibility the venture was a cash-in on a hot culture war issue. 

  • Tracking the Increase in Educational Gag Orders

    The sloppiness of many of the new gag order laws, including factual errors, contradictory language and vague definitions, will create more than confusion; it will create fear. 

  • Healthy Democracies Don't Scapegoat Their Teachers

    "The failure to confront authoritarianism and the failure to defend public schools and educators from Covid is the same failure. When an institution is a cornerstone of democracy, you fight for it, you fund it, and you respect it."

  • In Texas, Battle is on Over Books

    "To talk with a dozen teachers and librarians is to hear annoyance and frustration and bewilderment, as much with the sheer ambiguity of the new law and the list of books as with the practical effect."

  • When Culture War Politics Consume School Boards, Basic Functions Suffer

    "there is a striking disconnect between the crises that have consumed school board meetings for well more than a year and the emergencies that teachers, nurses, custodians, secretaries and other staff members say they are facing when they show up at school each morning."

  • Helen Roche's Work Examines the Elite Schools Nazis Modeled on Eton

    Helen Roche has published the first comprehensive history of the Napolas, the schools Nazis established to train future leaders of the Reich, and notes deep patterns of exchange between teachers and students at British and German schools before the start of war. 

  • The Sleeper SCOTUS Case that Threatens Church-State Separation

    by Kimberly Wehle

    "If the plaintiffs win, states and municipalities could be required to use taxpayer dollars to supplement strands of private religious education that many Americans would find deeply offensive, including schools that exclude non-Christian or LGBTQ students, families, and teachers."