• Who Poisoned Pablo Neruda?

    by Ariel Dorfman

    "In retrospect I wonder if perhaps I was so tired of tales of torture and disappearances, so full of death and grief, that I could not deal with one more affront. I preferred to shield the sacred figure of Neruda from the violence."

  • The Long Shadow of Pinochet Over Chile's Constitutional Referendum

    A protest movement against inequality and oligarchy convinced almost 80 percent of Chileans to vote for a constitutional convention, and led to the election of a young leftist president. Why did more than 60 percent of voters then reject the new charter? 

  • Chile at the Barricades

    "To walk the streets of Santiago was to read a collective, anonymous scroll of inchoate rage: Abort the police, Die Piñera, ACAB, Bankers to the gallows. The graffiti was on seemingly every wall and sidewalk in the central districts of the city."

  • Documents show how CIA connived with Chilean publisher to overthrow Allende

    Declassified CIA and White House documents posted today by the National Security Archive show conclusively what media mogul Agustin Edwards repeatedly denied – that he and his newspaper, El Mercurio, became a critical part of U.S. plans to foment a military coup against President Allende.