• DEI Education in America Goes Back to the 18th Century

    by Bradford Vivian

    The pioneering Quaker educator Benezet implemented student-centered reforms that accounted for differences in background and experiences of injustice, reflecting the spirit, if not the language, of contemporary DEI principles in education and teacher training. 

  • The Labor of Teaching and Administrative Hysteria

    by Elise Archias and Blake Stimson

    Although diversity and cultural sensitivity administrators often embrace (and arguably encourage) student complaints about ideas presented in the classroom, students are more harmed when administrators use those complaints to undercut the expertise and autonomy of faculty who have effective ways of teaching difficult material.

  • Statehouse Assaults on Tenure and Diversity are Impacting Hiring at State Universities

    "In Florida, some candidates’ concerns are so profound that they’re turning down job offers in the state — despite not having other offers, said Andrew Gothard, president of the United Faculty of Florida, a union representing faculty at all 12 of the state’s public universities, a private one, and community colleges."

  • Anti-DEI Bills are Already Changing Higher Ed

    Even though many state-level bills banning diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) programs have not yet taken effect, many campus administrations appear to have begun complying with the political pressure to roll back existing initiatives. 

  • It's Time to Pivot to Socioeconomic Preferences in Admissions

    by Richard D. Kahlenberg

    Can admissions preferences to selective colleges for economically less advantaged applicants carry on the justice agenda of Martin Luther King while avoiding the wrath of the Roberts Court and a backlash by middle and working-class whites? 

  • A Prominent Story about How "Diversity" Entered College Admissions is Wrong

    by Charles Petersen

    The plaintiffs in a case seeking to outlaw affirmative action in admission policies are relying on a false narrative that "diversity" entered Harvard's admissions criteria as a way to limit the number of Jews admitted. While the existence of Jewish quotas is documented, the two aren't connected. 

  • Florida Universities on Defensive as State Attacks Diversity Initiatives

    Interviews with Miami Herald reporters show the behind-the-scenes work university faculty and staff are weighing how much compliance will be required with new state laws. The DeSantis administration may achieve more performative than substantive results, but uncertainty and anxiety are common on campus. 

  • Texas Legislation Takes Aim at University DEI Programs

    The legislature would prohibit the operation of DEI offices on public campuses in Texas and maintain a list of university staff who violate the law, with consequences for employment. 

  • The Three Little Letters that Have DeSantis on the Attack

    by Khalil Gibran Muhammad and Erica Licht

    By defunding Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) programs in Florida's colleges, the governor is putting the state out of step with research-driven findings about how institutions and workplaces can incorporate diverse populations like Florida's – students, campuses and employers will pay the price for political posturing. 

  • Yes, DEI Can Conflict with Academic Freedom—and Academic Freedom Should Win

    by Amna Khalid and Jeffrey Aaron Snyder

    Many scholars have crafted careful rationales for why free inquiry and formal policies on inclusion can coexist peacefully. The Hamline University incident shows that, in a moment of crisis, administrators won't deliberate, but will follow a policy script in ways that disempower faculty, infantilize students, and become blunt instruments for reactionaries.

  • Miami Was Once a Model for Diversity Training—But it was Always Controversial

    by Catherine Mas

    Beginning in the 1970s, Miami-Dade County led the way in exploring ways to train health and human services professionals to interact with the area's diverse populations with respect and effective communication. The conflicts exploited by the "Stop WOKE" Act date back to this period. 

  • The Defeat of Identity Politics

    by Keeanga-Yamahtta Taylor

    Philosopher Olúfẹ́mi O. Táíwò argues that the rhetoric of diversity has allowed an "elite capture" of racial justice movements that strips those movements of the impulse to transform society. Historian Keeanga-Yamahtta Taylor reviews his new book of essays.