• America Runs on Xenophobia

    by Erika Lee

    Xenophobia's resilience and revival in America is happening because it helps manage the faults and contradictions of major social institutions including capitalism, democracy, and global leadership. 

  • The Right Celebrated Bernhard Goetz as the Kyle Rittenhouse of the 80s

    by Pia Beumer

    In the context of economic turmoil, urban crisis, and racial division, a broad swath of the American public made Goetz a heroic symbol of restored white masculinity after he shot four Black teens who asked him for money on the New York subway.

  • Inventing Solitary Confinement

    Kali Nicole Gross, Ashley Rubin, Jen Manion and Paul Takagi offer insight into the historical irony of modern incarceration's roots in Philadelphia, the nominal cradle of American liberty. 

  • The Second Destruction of Tulsa's Black Community

    by Karlos K. Hill

    Photographer Donald Thompson has set out to capture a visual history of Tulsa's Greenwood district, an African American community decimated first by the 1921 race massacre and then by urban renewal in the 1970s. Historian Karlos Hill interviews him about his work. 

  • Harvard Holds Remains of 7,000 Native and Enslaved Persons

    by Gillian Brockell

    A university task force convened last year to investigate the provenance of human remains in Harvard's museums and collections condemned the leak of the report while defending their committee's work toward returning remains to appropriate tribal authorities and memorializing the deceased. 

  • Will Buffalo Change Anything?

    Historian Roxanne Dunbar-Ortiz and survivor/activist David Hogg discuss whether American politicians will ever confront the horrific combination of racism and guns. 

  • The Forgotten School Gun Massacre in Stockton, CA

    Patrick Purdy killed 5 children, all from Southeast Asian refugee families, and injured 30 others in a schoolyard gun attack in 1989, an incident that should be a reminder of the horrific combination of racism and guns in America. Gun violence scholar Pat Blanchfield explains how we've collectively forgotten.

  • Teach Black History to Help Prevent Racist Violence

    by David Barber

    The state of Tennessee's efforts to restrict the teaching of African American history seek to prevent white students from developing a historical consciousness that would encourage them to reject white supremacy.