• Ambushed in Eufaula: Alabama's Forgotten Racist Massacre

    In 1874 a group of Black Republicans who came to the town of Eufaula to vote were ambushed by white mobs, part of the Democratic overthrow of Reconstruction and a step toward reestablishing white supremacy in the state.

  • Fighting Racial Bias with an Unlikely Weapon: Footnotes

    Slavery lives on in the law in the form of precedent. A new legal history movement seeks to highlight cases where disputes involved enslaved people and reconsider whether they constitute a fair basis for legal decisions today. 

  • Teaching (amid a) White Backlash

    by William Horne

    What can we learn from the work of creating and teaching a course on white backlash as a historical force as another one is unfolding? 

  • Heather Ann Thompson on Mass Incarceration

    Karma Chávez guest hosts a wide-ranging conversation with historian Heather Ann Thompson about policing, mass incarceration, and why overhauling the criminal justice system is the civil rights issue of our time.

  • What 2021 Taught Us About Racial Justice Struggles

    An interdisciplinary group of scholars including Tomiko Brown-Nagin, Angie Maxwell, and Andra Gillespie discuss the advances, setbacks and new battles in the struggle for justice in 2021. 

  • Public Thinker: Destin Jenkins on Breaking Bonds

    by Hannah Appel

    "As your work so powerfully shows, the municipal bond market structures racial privilege, entrenches spatial neglect, and distributes wealth and power. American cities are dependent on financiers, rating agencies, and bond markets for nearly everything."

  • Passing for Racial Democracy

    by Stephanie Reist

    "Color and race are not always synonymous in the Brazilian context. Features like hair texture, education, place of origin and address, and social class all factor into how people conceive of color, resulting in what researcher Elizabeth Hordge-Freeman calls a traitocracy that is more complex than a pigmentocracy or simple colorism."