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Richard Hofstadter

  • Originally published 10/25/2013

    The Paranoid Style: Then and Now

    We need to move beyond Richard Hofstadter's formulation of "paranoid" to understand today's Tea Party Republicans.

  • Originally published 05/12/2013

    The Tea Party Isn't Conservative

    Credit: Wiki Commons.Who, or what, is the Tea Party? Its leaders claim to be conservative, yet the regularity with which the movement and its supporters stray from traditional American conservatism is, frankly, shocking.This claim isn’t based on wild presumption or anecdotal evidence. Rather, this conclusion is based upon the most complete empirical study of the Tea Party, and its supporters, to date.The Tea Party, and its supporters, claim they’re about core conservative principles such as small government and fiscal responsibility. They claim to resist the policies of the Obama administration on ideological grounds: Government, they say, is too big and spends too much.

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