• How we fail our Chinese students

    by Jonathan Zimmerman

    If Chinese students spend several years in the United States and decide they don’t like democracy, we must not be making a strong enough case for it.

  • Topless protest at church after historian's suicide

    A Femen activist protested in Paris' Notre Dame Cathedral on Wednesday, one day after far-right historian Dominique Venner committed suicide inside. Venner shot himself at the altar in front of around 1,500 visitors.Venner condemned both same-sex marriage and Islamist influence in France in writings before his death.The now infamous topless protesters released the following statement along with photographs:"Just right now FEMEN's angel of Death held a mono-protest on the altar of the Cathedral of Notre Dame in the same place of yesterday's suicide of fascist activist....

  • William Chafe, Jacquelyn Dowd Hall arrested at NC statehouse protest

    William Chafe is the Alice Mary Baldwin Professor of History, emeritus, at Duke University and the former dean of the Faculty of Arts and Sciences. Jacquelyn Dowd Hall is the Julia Cherry Spruill Professor of History at UNC-Chapel Hill.This week, we were arrested at the General Assembly. We chose the path of civil disobedience – along with 29 others – as a means of calling attention to the headlong assault on our state’s history by the governor and the state legislature.We are not radicals. Each of us has been president of the Organization of American Historians, the leading professional organization of all American historians. We cherish the history we have spent our lives studying. Yet now we see a new generation in Raleigh threatening to destroy the very history we have spent our lives celebrating....