• Humanities Endowment Announces New Grants Amid Old Threats

    The grants were announced two weeks after the Trump administration released a proposed budget for fiscal 2020 that called for closure of the agency, whose activities were described as lying outside of “core federal responsibilities.”

  • Are the Humanities History?

    by Michael Massing

    In the brave new world that is emerging, the humanities will have a critical part to play—provided that they themselves can adapt to it.

  • Humanities Majors Drop

    Among majors within the humanities, the largest declines were among English and history -- disciplines that are traditionally the most popular in the humanities. They saw a combined drop of 10 percent in 2015 and a 16 percent drop from 2012 to 2015.

  • The Real Humanities Crisis

    by Gary Gutting

    The point of work should not be just to provide the material goods we need to survive.