culture war

  • When Culture War Politics Consume School Boards, Basic Functions Suffer

    "there is a striking disconnect between the crises that have consumed school board meetings for well more than a year and the emergencies that teachers, nurses, custodians, secretaries and other staff members say they are facing when they show up at school each morning."

  • David Olusoga: Support Historians in Culture War Crosshairs

    “These new history wars have the warped logic of a witch trial; their aim is to convince people that they are being oppressed by the irrefutable facts of their own national histories, such as slavery in America, or the British Empire,” University of Manchester historian David Olusoga said.

  • Biden Doesn't Need a "Sister Souljah" Moment

    by Seth Masket

    The evidence that the Democrats can win White voters by signalling disapproval of Black protesters is slim; why do strategists keep insisting on distancing themselves from a core constituency?

  • The Conservative War on Education that Failed

    by Adam Laats

    "A full century ago, the most effective school-ban campaign in American history set the pattern: noise, fury, rancor, and fear, but not much change in what schools actually teach."

  • The Hate They Censor: Burying Lessons of History

    The editor of the Mississippi Free Press compares today's national wave of book banning to the efforts to control information that established the "Lost Cause" narrative in early 20th century Mississippi. 

  • “Critical Race Theory” Is White History

    by Kali Holloway

    "The history of Black folks in America—through slavery, Black codes, lynchings, redlining, voter disenfranchisement, Jim Crow, racial pogroms, illegal medical experimentation, extrajudicial and state-led theft of Black land, anti-Black policing, racist mass incarceration—is white American history, too."

  • Academic Gag Orders

    The PEN Foundation provides an overview of state laws regulating the content of school curriculum and concludes that they "not only pose a risk to the U.S. education system but also threaten to silence vital societal discourse on racism and sexism."

  • Who's Afraid of Higher Education?

    The splashy launch of the University of Austin concept echoes the establishment a half-century ago of evangelical conservative colleges; despite the claim to value free speech, the institutions seek to avoid intellectual turbulence and conflict.