Yair Auron

  • Israeli historian Yair Auron lays out details of a massacre in 1948

    In October 1948, Israeli forces massacred scores of Palestinians in the village of al-Dawayima near Hebron. The case was covered up by the Israeli military, an investigation died out. 68 years later the story is finally emerging in a confessional statement suppressed at the time in which a soldier sought to relieve the weight on his soul.

  • Yair Auron: Israel must recognize Armenian genocide

    YEREVAN, MARCH 23, ARMENPRESS: Being a country which experienced the suffering of the genocide, Israel has to recognize Armenian Genocide. Israeli historian, scholar and expert specializing on Holocaust and Genocide studies, racism and contemporary Jewry Yair Auron made a statement at two-day international scientific conference titled “Armenian Genocide. Challenges ahead of the century”....