far right

  • Edsall: Is Trump Trapping the GOP in Conspiratorial Madness?

    Ron DeSantis can bolster his standing with the right by governing. Donald Trump, still the leader of the party, must invoke conspiracies and cartoonishly evil enemies. Historian Jeffrey Herf helps Thomas Edsall understand if there's an off-ramp. 

  • Why is Italy's Far Right Embracing Dante?

    Italy's original Fascists embraced Dante as a marker of national chauvinism, and a prophet of authoritarianism; today's far right has renewed their enthusiasm for the poet. 

  • How the Right Got Waco Wrong

    by Paul Renfro

    Historian Paul Renfro reviews Kevin Cook's new book, which seeks to explain how the 1993 siege of the Branch Davidian cult's Waco compound became a totem for the right while also decrying the aggressive law enforcement tactics that escalated the situation toward mass death. 

  • Inside the Neonazi Homeschool Community

    "A concerted, decades-long campaign by right-wing Christian groups to deregulate home schooling has afforded parents wide latitude in how they teach their kids — even if that means indoctrinating them with explicit fascism."

  • The Real Failures of January 6

    by Karen J. Greenberg

    Despite surface similarities, the attack on Brazil's government buildings earlier this month differed from January 6, 2021 in one key respect: the transfer of presidential power had already been accomplished. The contrast is sobering—for America. 

  • Bolsonaro's Long Shadow

    by Nara Roberta Silva

    The recently departed president is only the latest, and probably not the last, avatar of antidemocratic impulses in Brazilian politics, generally reflected by the elite recruiting the anxieties of the middle class to thwart broader social rights for the nation's poor. 

  • Victimhood and Vengeance: The Reactionary Roots of Christian Nationalism

    by Linda Greenhouse

    Three books offer illuminating and distressing insight on the eruption of Christian nationalism, a "deep story" in American cultural history that, when its adherents feel denied the power they expect, guides potentially violent vengeance. 

  • The Common Evangelical Roots of Insurrection in America and Brazil

    by Raimundo Barreto and João B. Chaves

    A century of international evangelical network-building and theological development have brought militant Christian nationalism to the forefront of right-wing politics in both nations. 

  • Deport Bolsonaro

    by Ben Burgis

    The former Brazilian president has no right or entitlement to live in Florida while avoiding accountability for crimes in Brazil committed both before and after his losing campaign for reelection. 

  • Brazil Attack Latest Export of Far-Right Extremism from the US

    by Jacob Ware

    With direct support from figures like Steve Bannon and the use of social media to organize a mass attack on the institutions of government, the January 8 attack on the Brazilian government has been molded by the American far right.

  • Why the Fringe is in Charge of the GOP

    by Richard H. Pildes

    The ability of a couple dozen hardliners to derail the Speaker election reflects deep transformations in the power of congressional leaders to wield power through commitee assignments and campaign funds. Will this make governing impossible? 

  • Task of January 6 Committee? Don't Let the Plot Get Memory-Holed

    The compulsion to fit the past into a narrative about collective identity means that events like January 6 and the ugly truths about the scope and goals of the far right are likely to be consigned to the archives in a misguided attempt to "move on." 

  • Review: When Freedom Meant the Freedom to Oppress

    by Jeff Shesol

    Jefferson Cowie's new book traces the current resurgence of racist and antigovernment radicalism through the history of George Wallace's Alabama home county. 

  • Take Calls for a "Fourth Reich" Seriously

    by Gavriel Rosenfeld

    The concept of a new German Reich emerged almost immediately after the fall of Hitler, and reflected the incomplete effort to remove the far-right from German politics as well as the growth of an international authoritarian movement. 

  • The Disturbing Truth: What's Behind the German Coup

    by Annika Brockschmidt

    Like January 6, the German coup reflects the radicalization of a significant portion of the affluent "bourgeois center" of the society, making a reckoning with the sources of far-right allegiance particularly urgent. 

  • What's the Path from Crunchy Counterculture to Alt-Right?

    by Kathleen Belew

    Observers have tracked a growing affinity between online adherents of natural lifestyle and alternative medicine communities and the antigovernment and white supremacist movements. Thinking about the connections disrupts our idea of a linear spectrum of political affinity from "left" to "right."

  • Are Elite Conservatives Getting Too Weird to Win?

    by Graham Gallagher

    The right's move toward European nationalism, conservative Catholicism, and other departures from domestic conservative tradition are troubling to scholars of reactionary politics. But they might just seem weird to voters.