far right

  • Are Elite Conservatives Getting Too Weird to Win?

    by Graham Gallagher

    The right's move toward European nationalism, conservative Catholicism, and other departures from domestic conservative tradition are troubling to scholars of reactionary politics. But they might just seem weird to voters. 

  • Trump Keeps Boosting White Supremacists

    Post Columnist Greg Sargent discusses Trump's meeting with white supremacist Nick Fuentes as a PR coup for the far right and an affirmation that they are part of Trump's base. 

  • So Close and Yet Shofar: Where Does MAGA Go From Here?

    by Annika Brockschmidt and Thomas Lecaque

    There is not likely to be any course correction after the defeat of Trump-endorsed candidates as long as they continue to double down on false accusations of election fraud and rally around symbols of Christian nationalism. 

  • Ernie Lazar, Who Amassed Archive of FBI Documents, Dies at 77

    "Through sheer perseverance and patience, Mr. Lazar became a kind of Zen master of the Freedom of Information Act, or FOIA, a provision enacted in 1967 that allowed the public a centralized way to request unclassified government material."

  • The Fascism Debate is Over; Fascism Won

    by Jonathan M. Katz

    Academic hair-splitting about the applicability of the F-word to the MAGA phenomenon has not served the cause of democracy well. 

  • Beschloss, Ben-Ghiat on the Stakes of the Midterms

    NBC Presidential Historian Michael Beschloss and NYU History Professor Ruth Ben-Ghiat discuss the concept of fascism and the danger facing the U.S with American Voices host Alicia Menendez. 

  • Do "We" Have a Political Violence Problem?

    A longitudinal study by the University of Maryland suggests that even looking back to the 1960s, the right has been much more likely to promote violence as an instrument of politics.