• The Russian Historian Predicting Chaos

    by Angela Nagle

    All the way back in 2010, Turchin warned that the historical patterns were lining up to indicate a coming period of instability and violence in America, which he expected to peak in the 2020s. 

  • The Widening Gap Between the Super-Rich and Other Americans

    by Lawrence Wittner

    Although President Donald Trump has claimed that “inequality is down,” federal data released this year show that, in 2018, the nation’s income inequality reached the highest level since the U.S. Census Bureau began measuring it five decades before.

  • Sarah Jane Shoenfeld on Mapping segregation in D.C.

    For the past several years, Mapping Segregation in Washington DC has been documenting the historic role of real estate developers, citizens associations (white homeowner groups), and the courts in segregating the city.

  • When the Robots Take Our Jobs

    by Greta de Jong

    Majoring in STEM fields might teach students how to build robots, but studying history will teach them what to do when the robots take their jobs.

  • Rules for Radicals

    by Alan Wolfe

    A right-wing economist’s plan to rig democracy for the rich.

  • How Did We Become A Billionaires’ Republic?

    by Jedediah Purdy

    A new book argues that the Constitution’s framers believed that vast concentrations of wealth were the enemy of democracy — so what happened?

  • How Much Is a Boss Worth?

    by Lawrence S. Wittner

    Americans favor limiting CEO pay to no more than six times the pay of the average worker. How much more than that CEO’s actually make!