• Judge orders partial release of Watergate 'road map'

    A federal judge has ordered the partial release of a Watergate report that fueled an impeachment drive against President Richard Nixon and could serve as a precedent for a similar effort aimed at President Donald Trump.

  • Measuring Presidents’ Misdeeds

    by Jill Lepore

    During Watergate, historians helped catalogue accusations made against past Presidents; their findings may be useful again.

  • Today’s GOP leaders have little in common with those who resisted Nixon

    by Michael Koncewicz

    During Watergate, a significant number of GOP members of Congress and the Nixon administration publicly resisted President Richard Nixon’s efforts to undermine the rule of law. Today’s GOP leaders, with few exceptions, meekly follow President Trump.

  • Can the Cohen Tapes Bring Down Trump?

    by Julian E. Zelizer

    In 1973, Nixon was confident the secret White House recordings would help his cause. That’s not how it worked out.