• Stalin’s Soaring Moscow Towers Sorely Need Body Work

    Most of the city’s so-called “Stalin high-rises” — both residential and government buildings — desperately need renovating. They are stuck in limbo, however, over who will foot the substantial bill.

  • Russia arrests second historian of Stalin’s Terror

    A second Karelian historian, Sergei Koltyrin has been arrested and is facing charges almost identical to those now brought against political prisoner, Yuri Dmitriev.

  • Who Killed More: Hitler, Stalin, or Mao?

    by Ian Johnson

    7 years ago historian Timothy Snyder asked the provocative question: Who killed more, Hitler or Stalin? Maybe he should have included Mao, too.

  • In Russia, ‘The Death of Stalin’ Is No Laughing Matter

    “The Death of Stalin,” a blackly comic movie about the Soviet leader and his cowed entourage, has been denounced as a sacrilegious portrayal of those responsible for victory over Fascism. And now it has been pulled from theaters.

  • Stalin More Popular Than Putin, Russians Say

    Soviet dictator Joseph Stalin has been voted the most “outstanding” figure in Russia’s history, beating the country’s most beloved poet, Alexander Pushkin, and current Russian leader Vladimir Putin.