Ron DeSantis

  • Confusion Over Book Bans in Florida is a Feature, Not a Bug, of New Policies

    The state education commissioner of Florida, Manny Diaz, has insisted that the state is not banning books. Civil liberties and library groups say that vague laws and public threats of prosecution are pushing educators to remove books without technically being forced to do so, which is the point. 

  • Florida Universities on Defensive as State Attacks Diversity Initiatives

    Interviews with Miami Herald reporters show the behind-the-scenes work university faculty and staff are weighing how much compliance will be required with new state laws. The DeSantis administration may achieve more performative than substantive results, but uncertainty and anxiety are common on campus. 

  • What are the Evils and Dangers Targeted by Book Bans?

    A study of the books flagged for restriction in Duval County, Florida in the last two years suggests that a particular political vision is driving the bans, focusing on LGBTQ themes and racial and religious diversity. But a fear of adolescents' developing autonomy also seems to be in play. 

  • Fear and Loathing in Florida

    by Samuel Hoadley-Brill

    "Much like 'voter fraud,' the term 'critical race theory' can mean whatever DeSantis needs it to mean to justify his anti-democratic agenda."

  • Review: DeSantis's Book is a Campaign Tome Written by ChatGPT

    The Florida governor's book attempts to hide his aggressively right-wing policy agenda around education, abortion, and voting rights behind platitudes about hard work and conviction. A reviewer says its hard to imagine the volume winning converts. 

  • The Bankrupt Vision of the College Board

    by Annie Abrams

    "We have endowed the College Board with the power to shape millions of minds with its profitable exams. In turn, it holds students hostage for college tuition, stifles teachers, and destroys space for debating difficult topics."

  • Students are the Victims of DeSantis's Education War in Florida

    Ron DeSantis's education policies are driven by what will rile up the most reactionary voters in the state and have little do do with rectifying the growing problems with student achievement and teacher retention that are actually putting the state's schools in crisis, argue two Floridian writers. 

  • Can Republicans Rally Around DeSantis as an "Electable" Choice?

    by Robert Fleegler

    In the wake of disastrous overreach by House Republicans in impeaching Bill Clinton, the party cohered around George W. Bush as a candidate without Beltway baggage. If the party can't do the same thing in 2024, they risk being dragged down by Donald Trump. 

  • DeSantis Higher Ed Bill Heads for Legislature

    DeSantis ally Chris Rufo tweeted that the bill "is channeling the sentiment of the voters, who have demanded that taxpayer dollars stop subsidizing left-wing racialist ideology and partisan political activism. Democracy returns.”

  • Who's Afraid of Black History?

    by Henry Louis Gates

    The protestations of Ron DeSantis aside, American schools today carry the legacy of a massive neoconfederate indoctrination campaign that distorted the meaning of the Civil War, Reconstruction and Jim Crow, justified racist terrorism, and erased ongoing debates—including among Black Americans—about the meaning of freedom and democracy. 

  • Ron DeSantis is Making History a Political Issue; What does His Book Say?

    by David Waldstreicher

    Nobody paid much attention to the Florida governor's 2011 book "Dreams from Our Founding Fathers." Maybe we should now—it spells out a justification for a deeply conservative view of the constitution that dismisses the significance of racism in the founding and in the doctrine of originalism.