Capitol Riots

  • When White Extremism Seeps Into The Mainstream

    Historian Kathleen Belew discusses the history of the far right and the work of separating the hard core of the movement from its fringes and those who might be persuaded to join it. 

  • Impeachment May Not Work. Here’s the Next Best Way to Dump Trump

    by Eric Foner

    The 14th Amendment empowers Congress to bar persons involved in insurrection against the United States from holding office. This can't remove Trump, but it can stop him (and anyone found to have plotted the Capitol rioting) from returning to office. 

  • "Sedition": A Complicated History

    Joanne Freeman, Annette Gordon-Reed, Manisha Sinha and Gregory Downs offer insight into the history of the term "sedition," the relationship between speech and deed, and the specific context of white supremacy that has accompanied discussions of sedition since the overthrow of reconstruction. 

  • Trump’s Removal Is Taking Too Long

    by Tom Nichols

    Donald Trump has shown no contrition over inciting an insurrection against Congress to preserve his own power and can be presumed willing to do anything, including order the use of nuclear weapons. A single day he retains the powers of the presidency is a day too many, writes Tom Nichols. 

  • A Starting Point: Teaching the January 6 Insurrection

    by Kevin Boyle and James Grossman

    "The braided relationship between history and civics will make January 6, 2021, a central concern in classrooms and other educational venues across the country. How can we help our students and others to connect the particulars that played out on our screens to those larger processes?"

  • Was This a Coup Attempt?

    by HNN Staff

    On January 6, Trump told a rally of supporters the election had been stolen and encouraged them to go to the Capitol. A mob then stormed the building, temporarily disrupting the verification of the Electoral College vote count. Historians discuss how serious the danger to democracy was and the possible consequences.