1776 commission

  • AHA Condemns Report of Advisory 1776 Commission

    “Written hastily in one month after two desultory and tendentious ‘hearings,’” the AHA writes, “without any consultation with professional historians of the United States, the report fails to engage a rich and vibrant body of scholarship that has evolved over the last seven decades."

  • A Push for ‘Patriotic Education’

    David Blight and Lindsay Stallones Marshall argue that the report's purpose is purely political and will result in further degradation of the public capacity to judge facts and evidence. 

  • The Ideas Behind Trump’s 1776 Commission Report

    Nicole Hemmer, David Blight, Geoffrey Kabaservice, and Adam Laats place the 1776 Commission report in the context of longstanding political and cultural battles over historical narrative. 

  • On the Way Out, Trump Trashes History: Why the 1776 Project is so Damaging

    by James Grossman and Jacqueline Jones

    The 1776 Commission report is a propagandistic attack on the role of expertise in government and demands for racial justice, butchering the historical record for the sake of inflaming the deadly resentments that erupted this year against BLM and COVID lockdowns.

  • Trump's Latest Executive Order is a Head Scratcher to Historians

    by Jim Grossman

    "There is no shortage of contentious publications and conversations among professional historians about concepts like critical race theory or arguments like those advanced in the 1619 Project. But neither constitutes “child abuse,” which is a serious crime."

  • Why the 1776 Commission is a Bad Idea

    by Diane Ravitch

    "In addition to violating the law, the 1776 Commission is a silly idea because history is not written by federal commissions, but by historians."