critical race theory

  • Tracking the Increase in Educational Gag Orders

    The sloppiness of many of the new gag order laws, including factual errors, contradictory language and vague definitions, will create more than confusion; it will create fear. 

  • Revising America’s Racist Past

    The organized campaign to demonize and ban "Critical Race Theory" has resulted in legislation that is disrupting the crafting and implementation of curriculum standards in multiple states, a review of state education standards and public comments on them reveals. 

  • Behind the CRT Crackdown

    by Sam Adler-Bell

    The anti-CRT movement "is not merely a battle against a theory of racism or American history, but a battle against the idea that we might join forces to make American society more fair, more equal, and more kind."

  • A Bill Proposed a New Way to Teach History. It Got the History Wrong.

    “The gross mistake in this bill is indicative of the need to have scholars and teachers, not legislators/politicians, shaping what students at every level learn in the classroom,” Caroline Janney, a professor of Civil War history at the University of Virginia in Charlottesville, said in an email.

  • Teaching (amid a) White Backlash

    by William Horne

    What can we learn from the work of creating and teaching a course on white backlash as a historical force as another one is unfolding? 

  • We Need “CRT” to Understand the Midwest, Too

    by Bradley J. Sommer

    "The continued existence of white nationalist groups came as a shock to many Toledoans. It has likely shocked a lot of Americans in recent years, many of whom thought that Nazis existed only in textbooks and as the bad guys in movies."

  • MLK's History Lessons

    by Jelani Cobb

    Martin Luther King's use of American history to inform his developing demands for political and economic justice would run afoul fo legislation being passed by a growing number of states to restrict teaching about racism and inequality in the nation's past. 

  • What 2021 Taught Us About Racial Justice Struggles

    An interdisciplinary group of scholars including Tomiko Brown-Nagin, Angie Maxwell, and Andra Gillespie discuss the advances, setbacks and new battles in the struggle for justice in 2021. 

  • In Texas, Battle is on Over Books

    "To talk with a dozen teachers and librarians is to hear annoyance and frustration and bewilderment, as much with the sheer ambiguity of the new law and the list of books as with the practical effect."

  • What Will We Lose if the Anti-CRT Movement Wins?

    by Roy E. Finkenbine

    "Conservative parents and pundits want to prevent white students from being exposed to the messiness and inequities of America’s past.  What will it mean if they succeed in doing so?"