Library of Congress

  • Library of Congress Chief Retires Under Fire

    The move comes after the library’s leader, James H. Billington, presided over a series of management and technology failures documented by government watchdog agencies.

  • The Great Paper Caper

    by Jill Lepore

    Someone swiped Justice Frankfurter’s papers. What else has gone missing?

  • The Library of Congress Civil Rights History Project

    by Mark Hartsell

    The database, the first of its kind, makes available to researchers information about civil rights oral-history collections at public libraries, museums, universities and historical societies in 49 states and the District of Columbia.

  • Library of Congress races to preserve TV history

    (CBS News) CULPEPER, Va. -- There are moments that define America, and the record of many of them are stored in a vault in Culpeper, Va.But these videotapes, some 50 years old, are deteriorating, and there is a race to preserve the history they contain."I think an important thing is to capture people's memories, to take people back to the day when they first saw Carol Burnett tug on her ear, or the day when Walter Cronkite couldn't hardly finish his sentence in November 1963, when Kennedy was shot," says Rob Stone, the Moving Image Curator of the Library of Congress....