literary history

  • The Most Ambitious Diary in History

    by Benjamin Anastas

    The playwright and classicist Claude Fredericks kept 65,000 pages of a journal, likely the longest record of one American life ever kept. Is it valuable as a documentary record, or as a demonstration of the self-mythologizing work of the diarist? 

  • Toni Morrison's Vision of Justice Was an Ethos of Care

    by Farah Jasmine Griffin

    "What does justice look like for centuries of systemic abuse and violence enacted by a society built upon withholding justice from Black people? In all of her novels Toni Morrison contemplates the nature and practice of justice."

  • The Literary Battle of the Sexes, 1907-Style

    Of the 28 most popular books published between 1895 and 1902, 25 were by men. By 1904, though, the situation had begun to improve — and 1907 was a record-breaking year for women’s book sales.