• What Killed Electric Mail Trucks?

    Although the current Postmaster is a fine villain figure for environmentalists, the USPS's failure to move ahead with electric vehicles traces back to the agency's reorganization in the 1970s and restrictions placed on the postal service by Congress. 

  • The Past and Present of the U.S. Postal Service

    Postal historian Philip Rubio joins The Takeaway to discuss new service standards that many fear will undermine the public standing of the Postal Service without meaningfully improving the agency's financial standing. 

  • American Democracy Is in the Mail

    by Daniel Carpenter

    The Postal Service has been a circuit of information vital to democracy, a non-exclusionary employer, and a service connecting all communities in the nation. It's also been a tool of conquest and voracious capitalism. For good and ill, the history of the USPS is the history of America. 

  • “The Post Office Has Always Been Political”

    Postal historian Philip Rubio explains that the agency has never been completely separate from politics, though legislation passed in 1970 was supposed to cement the agency's independence. 

  • DeJoy to the World: The Mail Will Not Come

    by Bill Dunlap

    William Dunlap, a former Assistant Postmaster General who helped implement the 1970 Postal Reorganization Act, warns that the most serious cost of recent "reforms" may be to undermine public confidence in the Post Office as a non-political public service. 

  • Trump Is Hobbling the Mail the Old-fashioned Way

    by Winifred Gallagher

    If Republicans wanted to limit voter turnout and raise doubts about the election’s integrity, creating chaos within the Postal Service and undermining its independence would be an efficient way to pursue that goal.   

  • Trump’s Attack on the Postal Service Is a Threat to Democracy—and to Rural America

    You’d think that the Republican Party, which depends on the undue weight given to rural voters for its continued political life, would be particularly solicitous of the post office. But, at the higher reaches, its ideological preoccupations are stronger: the post office is a government service, and therefore bad; it should be run instead by people who can make money from it.

  • You've Got No Mail

    by Philip Rubio

    Americans should not have to keep worrying about the attempted theft of our nation’s postal service.