Jerry Falwell

  • The Ongoing Legacy of Direct-Mail Grievance Politics

    by L. Benjamin Rolsky

    By privatizing political discourse, the pioneers of direct mail advertising could solicit funds at the same time as they stoked the fears of a targeted set of voters; this worked to bring the religious right into the heart of the Republican Party. 

  • The Christian Right's History is Bad Scholarship, But Great SCOTUS Lobbying

    by Lauren R. Kerby

    Two consequential court rulings hinged on historical interpretation of abortion and gun rights. The court's majority borrowed this history from the religious right's campaign to craft a historical narrative to justify white Protestant nationalism.

  • Who's Afraid of Higher Education?

    The splashy launch of the University of Austin concept echoes the establishment a half-century ago of evangelical conservative colleges; despite the claim to value free speech, the institutions seek to avoid intellectual turbulence and conflict.

  • The Last Fundamentalist Empire Died Yesterday in Lynchburg, Virginia

    by John Fea

    Although he oversaw tremendous growth at Liberty University and tried to lead in the culture wars, Jerry Falwell Jr. was unable to maintain credibility as a faith leader necessary to hold his empire. It's unclear whether any evangelical organization can succeed as a business and a theological enterprise.