• How America's Two Pandemics Merged

    by Tom Engelhardt

    In pandemics past, disease was the single contagion threatening society; today there is also a pandemic of political nihilism. 

  • Free Rapid At-Home COVID Testing can Make Pandemic Life Easier

    by David Perry

    "Imagine if once a week, each student, teacher and staff member at your local school took a rapid test, with positive results meaning quick quarantines, isolation and more robust testing to identify and lock down infections before they spread wildly."

  • Fauci Donates Model to Smithsonian’s COVID-19 Collection

    Dr. Anthony Fauci's model of the SARS-CoV-2 virus has been a prop in numerous informational sessions since the beginning of the pandemic. Now, the plastic germ will reside in the Smithsonian's collections. 

  • Writing Histories of Witchcraft in a Pandemic

    by Richard Tomzcak

    A course on witch trials, run remotely due to the pandemic, offered a chance to push students to examine new sources, write for the public, and consider how historical subjects acted in a climate of fear and suspicion not entirely different from our own.

  • The Year We Lost

    Historians consider whether the disruptions and cancellations of 2020 are a singular conjuncture of bad news or if the year has just highlighted normal patterns of life – deferral of dreams, economic privation, and uncertainty – that the less-privileged have always lived with. 

  • Are We Living at the "Hinge of History"?

    Journalist Richard Fisher examines the argument that the present--this moment--is the most important juncture in human history because human capacity to affect the planet outstrips human wisdom to direct that capacity.

  • When Plague Is Not a Metaphor

    by Hunter Gardner

    It's not always a blessing when current events make a researcher's specialty suddenly and urgently relevant. 

  • Letters From The 1918 Pandemic (Podcast)

    In this podcast, medical historian Dr. Howard Markel shares lessons to be learned from the 1918 flu outbreak, and podcast host shares 102-year-old letters from her aunt's family.