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  • Originally published 10/08/2013

    Nazis, Lynching and Obamacare

    Frank Bruni

    How absolutely bonkers -- yet how unsurprising -- our political analogies have come to this.

  • Originally published 02/05/2013

    Bill to clear Scottsboro Boys in Ala.

    MONTGOMERY, Ala. — In 1931, Alabama wanted to execute the black Scottsboro Boys because two white women claimed they were gang-raped. Now, state officials are trying to exonerate them in a famous case from the segregated South that some consider the beginning of the modern civil rights movement.Two Democratic and two Republican legislators unveiled proposals Monday for the legislative session starting Tuesday. A resolution labels the Scottsboro Boys as “victims of a series of gross injustice” and declares them exonerated. A companion bill gives the state parole board the power to issue posthumous pardons....

  • Originally published 11/02/2014

    Sodliers, Vets & the Rest of Us

    There's No There There

    Who will take care of our past, present and future war veterans and who will even care?