South Africa

  • Coke Money and the Public Relations of Higher Ed Divestment from Apartheid

    by Amanda Joyce Hall

    At Emory Univerity in the 1980s the close relationship between Coca Cola and the administration allowed Coke to leverage its financial support of the university to press the administration to suppress and coopt student movements for divestment from Apartheid South Africa. 

  • Excerpt: How Apartheid South Africa Tried to Create a Libertarian Utopia

    by Quinn Slobodian

    As pressure grew to end Apartheid, South African libertarians experimented with a deregulated zone that would be "Africa's Switzerland." It failed to become a model market utopia, but with sweatshops, environmental hazard, and stunted democracy, it was an eerie predictor of 21st century societies. 

  • The South African Community Destroyed for a Whites-Only Suburb

    On 9 February 1955 apartheid South Africa forcibly evicted residents from Sophiatown, a multi-racial suburb in Johannesburg. 65,000 people were ‘removed’ and Sophiatown was demolished and turned into a whites-only neighbourhood called Triomf.

  • South Africa's Liberal Whites Face a Racial Reckoning

    by Eve Fairbanks

    "Sometimes I like to tell people that South Africa, very loosely, collapses hundreds of years of American history—from the antebellum period, through the end of Jim Crow, and well into our future—into about 50."

  • It's Impossible to Separate Politics and the Olympics

    by Michelle Sikes

    The Supreme Council for Sport in Africa was a collaboration of 32 nations to pressure international sporting authorities to seek to bar the white supremacist regimes of South Africa and Rhodesia from major competition, most notably through a boycott of the 1976 Montreal games. 

  • Listen: A History of Pandemic Xenophobia and Racism

    Historical examples abound of public health crises exacerbating racial tensions and exclusions. Medical historian Alexandre White discusses his work on a plague pandemic in early 20th century South Africa 

  • When Nature is Valued over Human Life

    A review of Jacob S. T. Dlamini’s "Safari Nation: A Social History of Kruger National Park" examines how the government of South Africa used tourism promotion to justify the establishment of its apartheid regime. 

  • The Hidden Faces of Apartheid (Review)

    A new book documents the way that the South African security forces targeted percevied opponents of apartheid for extrajudicial killing. 

  • South Africa: Twenty-Five Years Since Apartheid

    by Zeb Larson

    Twenty-five years ago, South Africa peacefully transitioned from a white-minority government to a black majority government, yet the legacy of apartheid still lingers today.