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Jan 29, 2005 7:10 pm

Gates Shorts $$

Me, I'm not worried, I put my faith in Bubba! Ya'll, let's all sing together, now,"What a faith we have in Bubba, all our sins and griefs to bear....."

Bill Gates appears to be putting his faith in the Euro and China, not the dollar. But, what do he and Warren Buffett know anyway?

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William Marina - 1/29/2005

China is a not a "new" form of Capitalism, but rather an old one, close to Corporate Capitalism, what some might call Fascism.

Some of my views on China can be founded at:;sortorder=articledate

It is going to be a "long march" as China has a stagnant state sector and 200 million essentially unemployed.

Billy did balance the budget, but the "mix," in Capitalism, as FDR used to say, "Now there's the rub!"

Jason Kuznicki - 1/29/2005

I find it odd that you would criticize Chris Sciabarra for linking to that Robert Wright piece--yet you remain silent as Bill Gates calls China "phenomenal" and "a brand new form of capitalism."

If Gates can be forgiven his remarks about China, then why is Wright's approval of Clinton such a terrible thing? I'm certainly no fan of Clinton, but recent American-style mixed capitalism is a fair bit better than, say, North Korean Stalinism.