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Jan 28, 2005 5:48 pm

More Noted ...

The internet may be getting too close to home. Sepoy tells the story at Chapati Mystery.

Yesterday, I cited misteraitch's alphabets of human figures. At Rhine River, Nathanael Robinsonreproduces a 19th century map of Europe in human figures. Fascinating detail.

Wen Stephenson's"The Amazing True Story of the Liberal Evangelical ... and his mission to save the Democrats from themselves" for the Boston Globe features Jim Wallis, the founder of the Sojourners Community. Their website includes his recent appearances on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart and Terry Gross's Fresh Air. While I'm on the subject, here's another bash at the stereotype that evangelicals can't laugh at themselves: the Wittenburg Door. It's the evangelicals' Mad Magazine.

Congratulations to the folks at Liberty & Power and Jason Kuznicki who's just joined them. We know Jason, who is a graduate student in French intellectual history at Johns Hopkins, from his excellent blog, Positive Liberty. Jason is a smart guy. Like some of our other friends at L & P, he was hit in the head with an Ayn Rand brickbat when he was just a kid, but he's more interested these days in the French and Scottish enlightenments.

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