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Jan 27, 2005 10:27 pm

Jim Bovard Should Blog More!

So why doesn't the deeply admirable and courageous Jim Bovard blog more often? Last week, he wrote:

Four More Years of Tripe &"Freedom" (1/20/2005)

To hear George W. Bush constantly invoking freedom is like hearing Bill Clinton praise chastity. The Bush team has made so many power grabs at home and bankrolled so many dictators abroad. And yet Bush still believes that invoking freedom can sanctify everything he does, and every war he intends.

How much of this hokum will the American people continue to fall for? A poll out two days ago showed that 56% of Americans believe that Bush is honest and trustworthy.

Bush rattles on about America being a free nation. One simple test of that freedom - and something that would restore the faith of many cynics in Washington - is if there were honest, thorough investigations of possible violations of federal law by Bush, Cheney, and their top aides and appointees. As long as rulers are above the law, then common citizens have the same type of freedom that slaves had on days when their masters chose not to beat them.

Bovard should be compelled to blog every single day. There oughta be a law!

These days, that's about the only law I might consider supporting...

(On the other hand, maybe he's working on a new book. In which case, never mind...)

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Arthur Silber - 1/27/2005

Those bastards.

Jim Bovard - 1/27/2005

Unfortunately, I have been required to curtail my blogging as one of the conditions of my parole.