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Jan 27, 2005 4:46 pm

Interesting Poll Results

According to Tuesday's Washington Post, the Pew Research Center recently found that"66 percent of Republicans agreed that 'We should all be willing to fight for our country, whether it is right or wrong.'" (Only 33 percent of Democrats agreed with that statement.) In a related poll, 98 percent of neoconservatives emphatically agreed that all those other guys should be willing to fight for our country.

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Max Swing - 1/28/2005

well, what is there to harm left? Sometimes it is this question that bothers me most. The decline is openly visible to anyone with eyes. With all those new social-laws, you will soon be no better than Germany. And we are one of the most statist states (is such a thing even possible :P) :)

Sudha Shenoy - 1/28/2005

Oi! What has everyone else done to deserve these rascals? We emphatically do *not* want them, either!!What's wrong with northern Alaska? in deepest winter?

William Marina - 1/27/2005

What worries me is that our military struggle in the Middle East is making converts and raising funds for al-Queda while the US becomes more hated according to recent info in the Financial Times from M15 Brit intelligence.
Thus, these Hawks are actually harming America, rather than fighting "for" her, or what she once stood for.

Grant Gould - 1/27/2005

I am willing for 66 percent of Republicans, 33 percent of Democrats, and 98 percent of neocons to fight for the country, so long as they do it outside of the borders and don't come back afterward. If they run off to fight for the country rather than stay here trying to run it all the time, we might have some peace and quiet around here.

Better still, let's wait until 100% of all political parties and pre-packaged demographics are all willing to fight for their country. Maybe the rest of us can get some work done while they're at it.