Jan 26, 2005 11:02 am


Did you know that the BBC does not recognize Israel as a legitimate state but ties it to the potential Palestinian state?

BBC NEWS has a listing for each country as well as for some territories. Thus, Kosovo and even Gibraltar are territories. Serbia and Montenegro has a country page untied to Kosovo as does Great Britain. Ireland country page is untied to Northern Ireland and India has a page untied to Kashmir.

Israel does not have a webpage. Only Country profile: Israel and Palestinian territories. In other words, if you wish to read about Israel, you must read about the Palestinian territories. The uninformed reader has no way of knowing that Israel is an internationally recognized country (UN member for over 50 years)and for the first 19 years apart was not even in control of the Palestinian territories.

Indeed, the website treats Israel and the Palestinian territories the way it treats Serbia and Montenegro. The following are the picked audio's and quotes dealing with the past history of Israel. They squarely place the blame for the Arab (Palestinian) failure to create a state alongside Israel on Israel and fail to mention Arab rejectionism, war or terrorism.

1983: Ariel Sharon - The West Bank and Gaza"will not be, not now and not in the future, a Palestinian state"

.13 September 1993: The BBC's John Simpson reports on Washington peace accord

1 July 1994: The BBC's John Simpson reports on Yasser Arafat's return to Gaza

2001: Yasser Arafat -"If Israel wants peace, then it should accept UN resolutions"

BBC bias is joined by other NGOs. See, Human Rights NGOs - Arab Israeli Conflict promotes"right of return"

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