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Jul 9, 2009 12:59 pm


A 17-hundred year old mosaic floor was uncovered on Wednesday in the central Israeli city of Lod, concluding a 13 year archaeological dig.

The Israeli Antiquities Authority says the mosaic, considered the largest ever to have been found in Israel, stretches over an area of approximately 180 square meters.

The 1996 discovery of the well preserved mosaic floor was directed by archaeologist Miriam Avissar.

Miriam Avissar, archaeologist from Israel Antiquities Authority, said,"The mosaic floor is about late third century and early fourth century that means late Roman. We don't know who built it, that he was a very wealthy man this is evident from the floor itself."

The mosaic depicts many colorful images of mammals, birds, fish and merchant ships.

Miriam Avissar said,"The artistic influences, they are from north Africa and from Antioch and similar pieces have been found in Sicily and it seems it was an international artist what this owner brought to adore his vila.

It is going to get a careful face lift. Part of it will be exhibited at the Met in 2010. Then, back home. Enjoy -

mostren mosaic de Lod
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